Dear Friends, Supporters & Followers of Sisters Movie House:

Following on the recommendations of local, state and Federal authorities for helping to reinforce “social distancing” and reducing the risks of further contagion, Sisters Movie House temporarily closed its doors on Monday March 16th. We did so voluntarily, and a full week before the state's mandated "shelter in place" went into effect. Within days, the rest of the US (and the world) had followed suit and "going to the movies" was largely impossible (except for a handful of drive-ins).

It's now mid-October, and for those of you counting, yes...we have been shut a full seven months.

As it happens, even some of the "big boys" are starting to agree with us - you may have noticed a certain 16-screen megaplex over in Bend has now shut down (again).

That was one scenario we sought to avoid - and we have. Not that we are happy about it...

We fervently believe we could re-open Sisters Movie House safely tomorrow. If you don't believe this or are still unsure, please do have a look at the protocols we have signed onto, along with many others in our business. It's all here

But we know that is all besides the point if there are not major movies that you want to come see, and for now, there just isn't a decent slate of titles that would make it worthwhile for you - or us - to re-open. Our friends in Hollywood are still being held back by the statewide closure of movie theaters in New York and of course, citywide restrictions persist in other places like San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Portland. That makes it impossible for a movie to get a "wide release" anymore.

We continue to work with our national trade association, and we might have some more news for you soon about how you can weigh in to help. For the moment, keep up at and keep your fingers crossed for us. We're now looking at a possible re-opening in time for the Christmas holidays, but again, that's if we don't have yet another game of "movie dominoes" thrown upon us.

As ever, in the interim if you wish to do something more to support us, think about the Sisters Movie Club. Just click on the Sisters Movie Club tab at the top of this page for more information and to sign up. Memberships WILL be adjusted to activate for a full year from whenever we re-open.

Enjoy our awesome autumn outside - #SistersStrong!

Drew Kaza & Yee Cheng