ON to 2021...

Dear Friends, Supporters & Followers of Sisters Movie House:

Following on the recommendations of local, state and Federal authorities for helping to reinforce “social distancing” and reducing the risks of further contagion, Sisters Movie House temporarily closed its doors on Monday March 16th of the infamous pandemic year of 2020. We did so voluntarily, and a full week before the state's mandated "shelter in place" went into effect. Within days, the rest of the US (and the world) had followed suit and "going to the movies" was largely impossible (except for a handful of drive-ins).

After circa 300 days of continuous closure, we say goodbye to 2020. Like most of you, we suspect, we are simply glad to be rid of this year - even if we aren't quite rid of the virus that plagued it - just yet.

However, we end this difficult period on an upbeat note, and not just because of the recent vaccine rollout. In our case, the additional light at the end of the tunnel came through the Covid relief bill passed by Congress just before Christmas and signed into law a few days later. The bill included the Save Our Stages Act, which provided targeted relief for live music venues, some museums and small independent movie theaters like Sisters Movie House. We would like to thank our Senators Wyden and Merkley and their staffs for their unflinching and steady support of this legislation through such trying times. 

And we would like to thank each of you who went out of your way to express YOUR support for this legislation. We know it was the collective efforts of over 250,000 people who advocated for businesses like ours through that made the difference. Washington DC does (at least sometimes) listen to the voice of the people. 

With the additional assurances this bill will provide, we can now anticipate a re-opening in the first half of 2021 without financial ruin. In fact, in our more optimistic moments, we envision the second half of 2021 might represent a new high point for business at your humble movie home.

[When we do re-open, we will do so safely. You can learn more about our protocols here.]

Given the strength and depth of the deferred movie slate to come, now is an excellent time to consider a membership in the Sisters Movie Club.  Just click on the Movie Club tab above for more information and/or to register. Remember, all new memberships will be set up to commence from the date of our re-opening, and existing memberships also adjusted to allow for all the days shut. Also any existing gift pack certificates that expired in 2020 will be honored for another year. Remember, any SMH gift cards in your possession have NO expiration date and can be used for their full value as well once we are back open for business.

Until then, we end the old year and start the new with the same message of gratitude to all of you. Whether a regular patron, supporter and/or friend of the Movie House, we MISS you and love you all and can't wait to get beyond these challenges to welcome you back. 

For now, stay safe and see you in 2021!

Drew Kaza & Yee Cheng