Dear Friends, Supporters & Followers of Sisters Movie House:

Following on the recommendations of local, state and Federal authorities for helping to reinforce “social distancing” and reducing the risks of further contagion, Sisters Movie House temporarily closed its doors on Monday March 16th. We did so voluntarily, and a full week before the state's mandated "shelter in place" went into effect. Within days, the rest of the US (and the world) had followed suit and "going to the movies" was largely impossible (except for a handful of drive-ins).

When we last updated this website, we had relayed our hopes that we would be re-opening our doors at the start of July. Well, July is here but we are NOT re-opening just yet. We know there are several other movie theaters in central Oregon that are showing old movies and encouraging visitors but we cannot justify doing either at this time. With outbreaks swirling upwards in 36 of 50 states and in a majority of Oregon's 36 counties, this is clearly not the optimal time to be gathering again indoors.

Our next best-case scenario is looking at Wed. August 5th for opening back up, fully utilizing our outside space for cafe' dining, and of course following protocols for social distancing in and around the auditoriums, as well as visible investments in a "sanitized" environment. We are also anticipating the debuts of Christopher Nolan's Tenet on Wed. Aug 12th and Mulan on Fri. 21st along with a couple of other new independent movies. But these are dependent not only on local conditions in Deschutes County and Oregon, but also the US and International marketplace. 

For now, that is the best we can tell you, other than to remind you that you will be the first to know via updates here or on Facebook (@SistersMovieHouse) or via Twitter (@Sisters_MH).

Thanks again to each of you that has reached out during this time to express your concern for the health of our business & asking how you can help. Once again, we think we will be OK as long as you all make us a priority for visiting when the lockdown is lifted and we are open again and you are all shaking off your cabin (not COVID) fever. 

However, if you do wish to do something in the interim and you are either not yet a member of the Sisters Movie Club, or you might consider purchasing a membership for a loved one, now is a great time to do so. Just click on the Sisters Movie Club tab at the top of this page for more information and to sign up. Memberships WILL be adjusted to activate for a full year from whenever we re-open.

For now, please do what you can to support all of the few & mighty Sisters businesses that are back open right now, especially our friends here on the Five Pines campus such as Sisters Athletic Club and Three Creeks BrewPub. We may be amongst the last places to re-open but when we do, we look forward to a very "loaded" line-up when we finally return (along with our expanded patio for outdoor food or drink before or after your favorite film). 

In gratitude - #SistersStrong!

Drew Kaza & Yee Cheng